Michael Peters
Sophmore at RPI

Majoring in Computer Science & Information Technology and Web Science

A printable copy of my resume is available here

Email: peterm8@rpi.edu
Play Snake!
Maneuver a bubble through a field of bubbles. Eat bubbles smaller than you and avoid ones thar are larger!
Mess with a conway'sgame of life grid in your browser
Dodge and shoot bubbles to get a high score!
Input values for the Ka/Kb, Acid/Base, Conjugate Base/Acid, and H3O / OH to get the Q, an ICE Table, and the pH/pOH of the solution after it reaches equilibrium.
5K Run/Walk Furndraiser for Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy's Cross Country / Track and Field Program and The Pennsylvania Military Museum
Play hangman with your friends VIA text with this easy to use hangman generator
Encrypt your files using my steaming soup algorithm
Trade items in Team Fortress 2 with my trading bots
Pretty print your unformatted JSON to make it much easier to read.
A site hosted to help explain the Oak Hall Mile online.