Michael Peters
645 Stoneledge Road
State College, PA 16803
(814) 574-3089
To obtain a co-op or internship for the Spring and Summer of 2020
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY
Class of 2021
Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.8
Major: Information Technology and Web Science
Programming Languages
C++, Java, Python 2/3, C, C#, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
Running, Lifting, Reading News, Sim Racing, Dota 2, and Watching Nascar / FIA World Rally Championship
Internship at Penn State Applied Research Lab University Park, PA
Summer 2018
Completed 50 tasks for the Tactics and Planning System
Enhanced viewability and usability of the front end file sharing system
Assisted integrating the database from MySQL to PostgreSQL through Java
Debugged and upgraded custom file parsing software
Lead Tutor for RPI Advising & Learning Assistance Center (ALAC) Troy, NY
Jan 2018-Present
Provided homework help and aid in test prep for students in Data Structures and Computer Science I
Managed the open tutoring sessions, overseeing other tutors and managing the sign in sheet
Penn State Cancer Institute Grantee Cross-referencer
August 2018
Worked with the Penn State Cancer Institute to cross-reference lists of grantee names
The program can automate multiple days worth of work, allowing employees to instead finish in mere hours
March Madness Trading Game
March 2017
Collaborated with Brian Davis, an Economics professor, creating an educational trading game
The interactive game was used in his course at Penn State University to teach about investment
Front Desk Staff at Park Forest Pool State College, PA
Summer 2016 & 2017
Checked in swimmers, sold great tasting snacks, and made games in my downtime
Host, Busboy, and Cashier at Denny's State College, PA
Aug 2015-Aug 2016
Cashed out customers, topped off coffee, and cooked toast
Topaz PHP/HTML Development Framework
Feb 2017-Present
Developed a baseline for my websites to allow for a much cleaner way of integrating PHP with HTML
The framework keeps the development environment organized by helping to separate PHP from HTML/CSS
May 2016-Feb 2017
Created a website to integrate with my Team Fortress 2 trading bot to maintain more consistent users
Successfully maintained a customer base with over 13,000 users completing over 27,000 trades
Designed a project homepage to link to all of my public projects
Includes canvas games, a JSON pretty printer, and homepages for my High School Track Team's Events
Charcoal Rendering Framework
Made a framework around OpenGL in C++ in attempt to make custom rendering with OpenGL simple
Charcoal has a builtin interface for quick scene creation and an extendable baseline for custom development